Beginning the year after certification, Integrated Dance Instructors will be required to complete continuing education hours (CEH's) anually, in order to maintain a current certification.  For example, if a teacher is certified in 2018, she will not be required to complete CEH's until December 2019.  

How many hours?  Instructors must complete 6 hours of continuing education hours every year by December 31st.

What counts as Continuing Education?  Because Integrated Dance is a program which embraces all dance styles, yoga, Pilates, fitness, anatomy, music and leadership, dancers may apply any hours that they complete in:

  • Integrated Dance continuing educations courses (coming in 2019)
  • Dance specialty workshops or intensives.  This includes 8 Elements, ATS, ITS, DanceCraft, etc.  Weekly classes do not count as CEH's.
  • Yoga, Pilates or fitness teacher training or continuing education workshops which are accredited through Yoga Alliance, ACE, AFAA, ACSM, NETA or similar national accreditation program 
  • College or university courses in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, or nutrition
  • Leadership or coaching courses designed for teachers

If you are enrolled in a program you think may apply, you may send the information to us to ensure that your course will count toward CEH's. 

Why require continuing education? Becoming a certified instructor is only the beginning.  Teaching should be viewed as an individual path, there are so many aspects to becoming a great leader.  No single program can possibly offer a complete education for teachers.  Research changes every year.  As movement instructors, it is crucial that we stay up-to-date on the most recent findings so that we can offer the most safe, effective classes for our students.  Instructors (and most especially full-time instructors) need motivation and inspiration to stay enthusiastic and passionate about their work.  Regular continuing education keeps the teaching skills "sharp." 

How do I submit my hours for renewal? Send a copy of your registration for your courses (include a signature from your teacher to prove completion) to us with a $5 renewal fee (payable by check, credit card or Paypal) by December 31st each year.  Please be sure to have any courses approved before renewal if you are uncertain that the hours will count. 

What happens if I fail to submit my CEH's on time? Current certified instructors will be listed on the website.  In order to stay "current" you must complete 6 CEH's each year.  If you fail to submit your CEH's by December 31st, you may complete & submit hours by March 1st of the following year with a $30 late fee.