Germany Parts 1 & 2 Package Discount


Germany Parts 1 & 2 Package Discount

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Ready to delve into the full program? Here’s your chance! There is no pre-approval needed, and all levels are welcome. All exams may be taken online at a later time if you’d prefer to wait to test. Anatomy videos will be supplied in advance if you would like to study early, and a preparation program is available on Datura Online:

There will be a final written exam at the end of Part 2 only. All homework and practice teaching hours will be completed after the program, and you will receive more details during the intensives. Students who take both parts together may choose to take more time to complete homework and exams; we are very flexible on deadlines and want students to learn at their own pace.

We will connect you to other students taking the program if you would like to share travel or housing!

Part 1 takes place April 13-18, 2019


Saturday April 13th 9am-5pm

Sunday April 14th 9am-5pm

Monday April 15th 9am-5pm

Tuesday April 16th 9am-5pm, 6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday April 17th 9am-5pm

Thursday April 18th 9:30am-5pm

Part 2 is held April 23-28, 2019


Tuesday April 23th 9am-5pm

Wednesday April 24th 9am-5pm

Thursday April 25th 9am-5pm

Friday April 26th 9am-5pm, 6-8pm

Saturday April 27th 9am-5pm

Sunday April 28th 9am-12:30pm, TEST 1:30-3:30pm


The intensive will be held at Kampfsportzentrum Offenburg

Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 30
77656 Offenburg
Tel: 0781 / 9194676


The closest airports are Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Strasbourg, Mühlheim/ Basel, these are small airports. The closest international airport is Frankfurt and there is a convenient train connection directly from the airport to Offenburg (around 2hrs). 

Closest bus station to the venue is Otto-Hahn-Str. on the bus S4, this bus leaves from the main train station (,

or from the Rathaus (town hall) (, direction Weier Streng.,Lde/Startseite/Verbundgebiet/Linienplan.html,Lde/Startseite/Verbundgebiet/Tarifzonen.html

What to see:

Offenburg has a gorgeous old city center - small but lovely ;)


Schloss Staufenberg, 77770 Durbach  (has a café and restaurant)

Schauenburg Oberkirch, Burgstr. 29, 77704 Oberkirch (has a café and restaurant)

Schloss Ortenberg, Burgweg 21,77799 Ortenberg


Durbach is very known for good wine. Heaps of vineyards to visit and do a tasting


Oberkirch is the epicentre of distilling in the region, not only for cherry water. We have around 900 distilleries in Oberkirch!

Johannes's family is distilling since 1645, please check out his distillery:

If you'd like to combine hiking and liquor tasting, this is for you:

Black forest sightseeing:

lots of infos on


National Park


France is pretty close and Strasbourg is a lovely city

Parts 1 & 2 Package:
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Please purchase mindfully. No refunds, but students may defer to a later training if unable to make this year’s event.