Parts 1 & 2 Discount Package


Parts 1 & 2 Discount Package

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Ready to delve into the full program? Here’s your chance! There is no pre-approval needed, and all levels are welcome. All exams may be taken online at a later time if you’d prefer to wait to test. There will be a final written exam at the end of Part 2 only. All homework and practice teaching hours will be completed after the program, and you will receive more details during the intensives. Students who take both parts together may choose to take more time to complete homework and exams; we are very flexible on deadlines and want students to learn at their own pace.

After registration, students will receive anatomy videos in advance if they wish to study early. There is a training preparation program available on Datura Online as well!

We will connect you with other participants if you would like to share housing.

USA PART 1 will be held June 4-9, 2019


Tuesday June 4th 10am-6pm

Wednesday June 5th 10am-6pm

Thursday June 6th 10am-6pm

Friday June 7th 10am-6pm

Saturday June 8th 10am-6pm and 7:30-9:30pm

Sunday June 9th 10:30am-6pm

USA PART 2 will be held June 12-17, 2019


Wednesday June 12th 10am-6pm

Thursday June 13th 10am-6pm

Friday June 14th 10am-6pm

Saturday June 15th 10am-6pm

Sunday June 16th 10am-6pm

Monday June 17th 10am-1:30pm, EXAM 2:30-4:30pm


Portland is served by America’s #1 Airport:

We have a wonderful public transport system:

There are a multitude of wonderful walkable food options in the area, and it’s easy to get around via cab, Uber or Lyft.


Portland is home to wonderful nature, food and entertainment. For more ideas on how to make the most out of your visit:

Parts 1 & 2 Discount Package:
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Cancellation Policy: Cancellations will be credited to a future Integrated Dance Part 1 intensive or all efforts will be made to help you sell your spot. If you wish to sell your spot to another participant simply notify us who you have coming in your place. No refunds.