Welcome to Integrated Dance: a comprehensive training program designed to help you become the best dancer and instructor you can be.

2020 Training dates have arrived!

Part 1: May 20-25, 2020 at the beautiful Studio Datura in Portland, Oregon

Part 2: May 27-June 1, 2020 also at Studio Datura in Portland!

Dancers of all styles and abilities are welcome, though a minimum 3 years dance experience is required.  Using fusion bellydance as a foundation, you will develop your dance technique including isolations and shapes, traveling steps, turns, layering, movement combinations and choreography.  Students will be taken through both a rigorous physical training regimen each day, as well as daily lectures and classes which cover anatomy, the basics of music, cross-training with yoga, Pilates and fitness, identifying and correcting postural alignment, techniques for effective teaching, class-construction and programming.

Created by Ashley López: a certified yoga, Pilates and group fitness instructor with over a decade of experience teaching in over 25 countries internationally.  This training program is the result of over 15 years of study, practice and research.  

Integrated Dance is designed both as a training intensive for dancers who wish to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their physical abilities and dance technique, and as a thorough teacher training program which prepares dancers of any denomination with the knowledge of the most crucial skills to become excellent dancers and teachers.  

 Students who successfully complete both parts of the intensive, all homework and practice teaching hours, and who pass both written and practical teaching exams will become certified Integrated Dance teachers.


More about the training program:

The Integrated Dance Program

PART 1 and PART 2

The dance certification program takes place over two separate weeklong intensives. Students will begin each day with physical conditioning and dance technique training. Afternoons will consist of lectures and interactive activities which train dancers on the subjects of anatomy, music basics, identifying and correcting postural alignment, class construction and programming, cueing, leadership skills and teaching techniques.

After each intensive, students will be required to complete homework assignments and log student teaching hours. Participation in Part 1 is required in order to enroll in Part 2.

Part 2 will conclude with an optional written test for students who wish to become certified Integrated Dance teachers.  After Part 2, prospective teachers will be required to submit a teaching video within 90 days.  

Testing and Certification  

Written Exam:

On the last day of Part 2, there is an optional written exam for dancers who wish to become certified teachers. Dancers may choose to take the exam later over Skype or FaceTime if they wish to have more study time.

Video Exam:

After completing Part 2, students complete a 1-hour teaching video demonstrating their ability to design a well-balanced class using key cueing techniques and teaching skills. It’s recommended that students complete this within 90 days of the training, but may take more time if needed. 

Practice Teaching Hours:

Prospective teachers must complete 20 practice teaching hours after Part 1 and 20 additional teaching hours after Part 2 and log their hours with initials from their students.  A list of dates and times will be submitted via email to integrateddanceprogram@gmail.com as a spreadsheet, word document, or photo of a personal journal log. Students who take both Parts consecutively will complete the 40 practice teaching hours after Part 2.

Homework Assignments:

Students must complete one essay assignment and must prepare teaching sequences after the Part 1 intensive, due before beginning Part 2. After Part 2, students must complete a second homework assignment outlining a 6-week class series progression.


Students who meet all requirements for intensive participation, homework completion, teaching hours and who pass both the written and video exams will become certified Integrated Dance instructors.